The Collie Club of Colorado, a specialty breed club licensed by the American Kennel Club, was established in 1951 and is a member club of the Collie Club of America. We strive to be the number one source of information about Collies for the general public in the Rocky Mountain region.  We are here to answer questions, address breed specific concerns, give advice on training and grooming and assist with finding a reputable breeder.

Our goals include:

  • The exhibition and training of purebred Collies
  • Promotion of the breed standard as approved by the AKC
  • Sportsmanlike competition at dog shows and obedience, rally, agility and herding trials
  • To conduct fun matches, sanctioned matches, specialty conformation shows, obedience trials, rally trials and herding trials
  • To educate both its membership and the public about the Collie breed including care, training, and health-related issues
  • Providing a Breeder Referral service
  • Partnering with Rescue Organizations to assist abandoned Collies in finding new homes

Club Meetings
Our club meetings are held at centrally located all breed dog shows throughout the year. Meetings are held in this manner due to the state wide locations of our members. For more information please email our Secretary Kathy Mesler at

  • February Meeting: Plum Creek KC
  • April Meeting: Terry-All KC
  • June Meeting: Flatirons KC
  • August Meeting: Greeley KC
  • September Meeting: Evergreen Colorado KC
  • October Meeting: Buckhorn Valley KC

Board Members of CCC
President: Kelly Neeley
Vice President: Shelley Bergstraser
Recording Secretary: Kathy Mesler
Corresponding Secretary: Chuck Crone
Treasurer: Peggy Heywood
Director: Donine Schwartz
Director: Cindy Cornelius

Yearly Specialty Shows
The Collie Club of Colorado holds three specialty shows (for Collies only) a year. Two are in April, in conjunction with the Terry-All Kennel Club at the Adams County Fairgrounds. One is in October, in conjunction with the Continental Divide Herding Association and Buckhorn Valley Kennel Club at the Island Grove Regional Park. For more information on this year’s shows please check the Upcoming Events page.

All Breed Obedience and Rally Trials
Beginning in 2009 the Collie Club of Colorado started holding all-breed obedience and rally trials.   These trials are open to mixed breed dogs. AKC’s Canine Partners, a program that started April 1st, 2010, allows dog owners with mixed breed dogs to enter obedience and rally trials held by clubs like the Collie Club of Colorado.

Herding Tests and Trials
The Collie Club of Colorado holds two herding events every year. These events are open to all eligible herding dogs as per the AKC Rules and Regulations.

Breeder Referral
The official contact person for the Collie Club is Haydee Kuner.  Haydee has been a member of the Collie Club since 1968 and is the best person to help you find local high-quality Collie breeders in Colorado and Southern Wyoming. You can reach Haydee at 303-530-4579, or e-mail her at

To Become a Club Member
The Collie Club of Colorado is always excited about new members.  We encourage anyone interested in the Collie breed, rough, smooth or mixed breed owners to become a member of the club. Please visit our Membership page to learn more.

Collie Club of Colorado By-Laws